Care of your knife

One of the most important steps in taking care of your carbon steel is keeping the blade clean. That means wiping down your knife after you use it. It may seem tedious at first, but it will keep your blade from rusting. This is especially true when working with acidic foods, like lemons and tomatoes, which tend to be particularly tough on carbon steel.

Oiling your blade and handle every 2-3 months with either coconut or mineral oil will help keep it looking nice for years

Patina vs. Rust

Over time, your knife will develop a gray-blue patina. Don't freak out! There's a difference between patina and rust.  Patina = good; rust = bad. A healthy patina actually protects your knife from rust.

Keep Your Knife sharp
Regular honing helps keep your blade (carbon steel or other) balanced, which makes cutting easier. Honing, which essentially just re-centers your knife, can be done daily; sharpening, which involves shaving off part of your knife to create a fresh edge, should be done considerably less frequently (maybe twice a year).

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